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Effective members

Social purpose

The High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL) is the NPO (non-profit organisation) that groups the gueuze producers in the Payottenland and the Valley of the Senne.

The goals of HORAL are:

  • to make promotion for artisanal lambic beers and derivates, with attention to the full proces of brewing and serving

  • to delate irregularities with regard to artisanal lambic beers and derivates

  • to take steps in order to protect the artisanal lambic beers and derivates.

Board Members

  • Gert Christiaens (Oud Beersel), chairman
  • Joost De Four (De Heeren van Liedekercke), treasurer
  • Wim De Kelver (De Lambiekstoempers), secretary
  • Frank Boon (Boon)
  • Karel Goddeau (De Oude Cam)
  • Dirk Lindemans (Lindemans)
  • Johan Madalijns (vzw De Lambiekstoempers)
  • John Matthijs (Hanssens)
  • Yves Panneels (vzw Het Geuzegenootschap)
  • Pauwel Raes (De Troch)
  • Bruno Reinders (Mort Subite)
  • Pierre Tilquin (Tilquin)
  • Thomas Vandelanotte (Timmermans)