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Biercentrum De Lambiek, Beersel

Gemeenveldstraat 1
1652 Alsemberg
Tel.: 02 359 16 36
visit [at] beersel [dot] bevisit [at] beersel [dot] be ()

Opening hours:

Individual or group visits

Whether you come on your own, with friends or in a larger group, the centre has an appeal for everyone. It is welcoming and spacious with a stylish interior. Families with children can enjoy a number of games which form part of the educational resources.

The Lambic experience

The centre immerses the visitor in the flavours, aromas, sounds and textures of Lambic beer. With its welcoming, spacious and stylish interior, the centre has a charm all of its own. Start your voyage of discovery here in the world of Lambic brewing, Gueuze blending and explore the wider region around.

Lambic is a beer that ferments spontaneously and matures in wooden casks. Optimum conditions for this spontaneous fermentation only occur in the Zenne Valley and Pajottenland. Lambic beer provides the basis for the traditional Gueuze and Kriek beers with their distinctive sour aftertaste.

The centre explains the fascinating story behind Lambic. Relax in the comfortable surroundings of the auditorium to enjoy two films: one about tourism, recreation and culture in Beersel and its environs (6 minutes); and another to raise awareness and interest in the traditional process of Lambic brewing (16 minutes), which was filmed on location with brewers in the region.

The tiled wall provides an impression of the history of beer in the Zenne Valley, supported by many interesting facts and figures.

Displayed on another wall are several photographs reflecting the unique character of Pajottenland.

Elsewhere in the centre, there are other areas extolling the virtues of Lambic beer and Gueuze producers in a way that will set your senses tingling, and the visit is rounded off with a beer-tasting session.

Savour and enjoy

Each flavour is different and must be subjectively evaluated. The range of beers offered by the centre is extremely diverse. With a Kriek, the extreme sourness can be transformed into a full fruity flavour. One thing’s for sure: this first-hand tasting experience is bound to leave you in good spirits!