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Hanssens, Dworp

Vroenenbosstraat 15
1653 Dworp
Tel. 02 380 31 33
Fax 02 380 31 33
hanssens [dot] artisanaal [at] scarlet [dot] be 

Production 900 hl (2019)

Export 45%

Employment 2

Beer sale at the brewery no 

Visits no

Cask marking yes

Hanssens Artisanaal BV was founded by Sidy Hanssens and her husband at the beginning of 1997. Sidy Hanssens is currently the fourth generation of the Hanssens family to continue the tradition of gueuze blending.

The blending is still done in the same village, in the same buildings where Bartholomeus Hanssens, mayor of Dworp started to brew in 1896. The farm was converted into a brewery. Lambic was brewed and also a dark, low alcohol beer. In addition, however, gueuze was also blended. After the First World War Bartholomew decided to stop the brewing activities, because the copper brewing installation was confiscated by the Germans during the war.

Bartholomew's son Theo continued the business in 1929. He was forced to take over the business at a very young age, after Bartholomew's death. He learned the trade at the age of fourteen in the Windericks brewery, one of the seven breweries in Dworp at the time. The brewery was converted into a residence in 1931 and a beer store was added to the blendery. Theo Hanssens became a distributor of the Wielemans beers. The barrel mark, THV, stands for Theo Hanssens-Vastiau (his wife's surname).

In 1974 Theo was succeeded by Jean. No significant investments were made. In 1993, Jean, along with Armand Debelder and Moriau, received the OBP trophy in recognition of their work and dedication as gueuze blenders.

In 1997 Sidy, Jean's daughter, officially takes over. The beer shop was closed and the blendery got full attention. Lambic wort was purchased. Investments were made in new bottles, new barrels and stainless steel tanks. As one of the first, the heavy old champagne bottles with wine cork and lime stripe were replaced by champagne bottles with champagne cork and label. Additional investments were made in a semi-automatic filling line.

The activities in the blendery are just secondary occupation or can be regarded as the result of a hobby that got out of hand. Thanks to the financial independence of the distillery, Hanssens Artsianaal can afford to preserve the authenticity of its beers. Instead of responding to market demand for sweet beers, Sidy and Jher husband John decided to produce traditional lambic beers only.

Lambic wort is purchased from Boon, Girardin and Lindemans. The wort is pumped into oak barrels for the first fermentation. Recently new oak barrels were purchased in Bulgaria. However, there are  still first generation barrels are still in use! The oldest lambic ages up to 4 years. The Hanssens beers are a mixture of lambics of different ages with lambics from the different producers. Fresh fruit is used for the fruit beers.

Every step in the production process, from the blending, the bottling, the second fermentation in the bottle and the sale of beer in the bottle, takes place on site in the blendery. Boon, Girardin and Lindemans are only called upon for the purchase of lambic wort. Hanssens quality beers are a mixture of passion, competence, dedication and respect for tradition.

In addition to the traditional Oude Geuze, there is also a range of fruit beers. The Oude Kriek Hanssens contains sour cherries of the kelleriis variety. Oudbetje is a lambic on which fresh strawberries have matured for a number of months. There is also a raspberry lambic and a cassis lambic. The Schaarbeekse Kriek contains local, hand-picked cherries.