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Lambiek Fabriek, Ruisbroek

Lambiek Fabriek

Eugène Ghijsstraat 71
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
info [at] lambiekfabriek [dot] be  


The brewery was founded in 2016 by Jo Panneels and Jozef Vanbosstraeten. 

Lambiek Fabriek brews all its lambics in a 100% traditional way at other breweries. The word "Fabriek" (factory) in the company name refers to the street name where it all began. The first storage room is located along the Fabriekstraat in the Ruisbroek borough of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. 

The total lambic stock currently amounts to approximately 1,600 litres. Some of it matures in French oak 'barriques' of 220 and 400 liters; another part in imposing 4,600 liter foeders, which were purchased in 2019. In 2021 the Lambiek Factory moved to a larger warehouse in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. In 2022, additional foeders of 6,500 liters and 7,000 liters were purchased. In that warehouse most of the lambic stock is maturing and the bottling is being done.

At present, the Lambiek Fabriek produces, in addition to classics such as the Oude Geuze Brett-Elle and the Oude Kriek Jart-Elle, a wide range of fruit and other lambic beers. 

Lambiek Fabriek is also bio-certified, so in addition to the 'classic lambic', it also makes 'bio lambic' and a 'bio geuze'.