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Mort Subite, Kobbegem

Lierput 1
Tel. 02 454 11 11
info [at] mortsubite [dot] be 

Production 45000 hl (2015)

Export 80 %

Employment 9 

Sales at the brewery no

Visits no

Cask mark yes

In the heart of the Senne Valley, amidst green fields, is located Mort Subite. This brewery has a rich history. The first beer brewed at Mort Subite dates back to 1686. At the beginning of the 20th century, the owners expanded the brewery. The new brewing equipment had been delivered just before World War II broke out. The brewer was forced to hide the copper equipment under a stack of hay to avoid confiscation by the Germans.

In the 1960s the brewery still produced over 60% lager, compared to 30% top-fermented beer and only 10% lambic beer. The switch to lambic happened when the future of the lager market was increasingly in the hands of the large breweries. Over the years, the Kobbegem brewery has become a household name in the Gueuze en fruit beer segment.

In 1970, “À la Mort Subite”, a well-known Brussels café and gueuze blendery, was taken over by the De Keersmaeker family. From then on, the beers no longer bore the name "Den Hert" but "Mort Subite". “À la Mort Subite” was originally called “La Cour Royale”. The cafe owed its name change to the popular Brussels dice game. When the lunch break was over and the workers had to go back to work, the game ended with one very last all-or-nothing throw, namely the Mort Subite.

Since October 2000, this unique brewery has been part of Alken-Maes. Alken-Maes recognised the craftsmanship and individuality of the beer process as a gem among the beers. The brewery therefore operates as its own entity with 8 passionate employees and 1 master brewer. Master brewer Bruno plays a crucial role in the brewing process. Lambic beers use wild yeasts from the Kobbegem outdoor air. The expertise of the master brewer is of the utmost importance when blending in order to ensure constant quality. 

Mort Subite offers craft beers that go further than the traditional Kriek: from fruity to a soft sour, something for everyone. That is why each Mort Subite has its own personality, yet that recognisable Mort Subite touch: fruity, refreshingly sour and softly bitter.