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Frank Boon Succeeds Armand Debelder as Chairman of HORAL

Frank Boon was elected new chairman of the High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers (HORAL). He succeeds Armand Debelder, who has led the organisation since its founding in 1997.

“After 18 years of chairmanship it eventually became time to pass the torch on to someone new. At 3 Fonteinen, we have started writing a whole new chapter for our brewery. This requires a lot of my time”, stated Armand Debelder. “Frank Boon is the right man to lead HORAL. He is well respected by everyone, particularly due to his extensive technical and historical knowledge of the lambic world. He is a very experienced lambic brewer and gueuze blender, and he also maintains very close ties with different blenderies as a wort supplier.”

“It is a real honour to be elected by my colleagues as the new chairman of HORAL”, says Frank Boon. “The board members and myself want to thank Armand from the bottom of our hearts for his outstanding commitment the past years. Under his leadership HORAL has grown from a non-profit organization that was solely created for the organisation of the Toer de Geuze, into an association, which is even organising professional courses for bar and restaurant owners. In addition, HORAL turned into a forum wherein brewers, blenders and other stakeholders are able to exchange views in an open and constructive way in order to defend the quality of the lambic beers and the future of the lambic world.”